Week 2 - Individual Assignment

Project w/ subtasks

The individual project for this course is in the form of a Service Request from Huffman Trucking. Your assignment is to create a project plan in Microsoft Project to help you track, manage and report the development and implementation of a benefits elections system (a benefits tracking database) for the Huffman Trucking Company. You are the project manager.

It will be necessary for you to access Huffman Trucking from the Virtual Organizations Portal of the Materials page to see the service request and related information about the company.

From the Materials page, click Service Requests > click on IT Service Requests under the Information Technology column > click on SR-ht-001 under the Huffman Trucking column to find service request SR-ht-001.

From the Materials page, click on Virtual Organizations >Business> Huffman Trucking > Intranet tab > Human Resources > Communications > pmteamcuopx/MEMO|1 - Memo to Graham Grove, 3/22/04.

You should review the memo to pmteamcuopx/MEMO|Graham Grove, 3/22/04, on Health Insurance Benefits to see the background and requirements of the request. Additionally, you should review the HRIS tab to review what the current system is like. Remember you are not Human Resources. You are IT. You are to build a system to track the health insurance benefits.

Based on your review of the “SR-ht-001, Create a Benefits Election System” Service Request, update the Huffman Benefits Project Plan template with more detailed tasksto accomplish the project.

You need to download the Huffman MS Project plan template in the week 1 Materials so you can update it. The summary tasks have already been laid out for you. It follows the SDLC methodology. In the main classroom, I have posted a refresher of the SDLC methodology and how to mind map/brain storm the detailed sub-tasks. This week you only need to add more detailed sub-tasks. We will be building on this project plan in the coming weeks.

From the Materials page, click on Topic - 1: Project Management > to find the Huffman Benefits Project Plan.

Submit the updated task list as a MS Project file in the Assignments link by Monday, 5/16/11.

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